Coby (2018)

Coby DVD

Coby is a fascinating documentary about transitioning. While I know that some people can have healthy discussions, I’m offering up another film to discuss during the Holidays. Watching a transgender man become his true self through YouTube posts is so amazing. Especially because the film begins by showing how a person can so smoothly move into their better self. For a debut documentary feature, I’m anticipating to see what Christian Sonderegger has to offer next.

What does this mean for your Holidays? Well, having a film that tackles LGBT issues with sincerity and a sense of modern technology aims at the young. You’re going to have that one relative that won’t have it, but slip it into their world. The documentary doesn’t ask you to agree with what happens, but to see how it saves lives. Going back to the Preamble argument from earlier this week, that won’t fly with everyone. Still, Coby could be the first step to helping someone understand all they need to start transitioning.

But, it doesn’t have to appease people. It has to educate the masses to the human needs of those struggling with their identity. I’m not one of those people that will say that you have no heart if the titular star’s video diary doesn’t automatically win you over. This is a great place to start to understand a larger world. It’s a hell of a Christmas present to offer anyone that might need it.

Coby is now available!

Coby DVD

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