A family has to de-clutter their home or lose it.

Great cast, thin premise. Still, it works.

“Clutter” is an emotional movie with a great bit of humor. Carol Kane takes the lead as a woman impacted by a recent loss. Now, she has to deal with her kids and the outside world taking issue with her recent collections. When she is pushed into removing the clutter, her world opens to allow new people in to help. But, does she need help? The easy answer is yes, but the film skirts about it.

Empathy abounds throughout the film, but the supporting cast seems to split focus. The stuff with Natasha Lyonne almost seemed like a different film. I liked when Joshua Leonard and Carol Kane shared time together, but it never hit that point. I know it sounds vague, but indie films need to have more acting moments than usual fare. Otherwise, you’re just staring at familiar faces working an even more familiar story.


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