“Closer to the Moon” is a historical comedy about a group of Jews stealing from the Communist party. The Bucharest Jews in question stage the whole incident as part of a film shoot. Quicker than you can say Argo F**k Yourself, the movie wastes its premise and talented cast. Fortunately, the Commies captured the group and were willing to put them to death. But, they want the group to restage the incident for a Commie Propaganda Film.

The historical accuracy of the story is a smidge off, but it provides for some fun. That being said, the film feels like it’s three hours of Vera Farmiga slinking around the set with about 15 minutes of plot. It’s an oddity that deserves a one-time rental, but I can’t imagine anyone going out of their way to purchase it. The DVD comes with a trailer as the sole special feature.

Release Date: 9/15/15

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