Jennie Garth of ”90210” stars as Susan, an unemployed Los Angeles museum curator and widowed single mom temporarily living in a small California town with her three sensitive sons. Jake (Brad Rowe of ”General Hospital”) is a single dad of two tomboys who owns a local winery. When Susan’s dog Rusty falls for Jake’s poodle Cheri (voiced by Nikki Cox of ”Las Vegas”), these canine matchmakers help their owners fall in love too. Now with a Christmas Day wedding to plan — and major complications threatening to unravel it all — can two mismatched broods find a way to make one happy family?


When single mom Susan and single dad Jake’s dogs develop a romantic attachment, their owners fall in love, too. But their lives get complicated as they plan a Christmas wedding and try to merge their two families into one. What’s weird about this flick is that it tries to be this Brady Bunch style stuff involving animals. A few decades ago, it would be material to setup a series. Now, it just feels like Holiday filler on an extended week that’s already becoming way too crowded.

I’d recommend pairing the flick with a lot of recent kiddie dog fare. It seems like Joey Lawrence has been doing a ton of these films recently for ABC Family. What is it about talking dog movies? I blame Disney stuffing Air Bud down our throats for the longest time. Kids like anything being anthropomorphized, but I can’t say that I’m immune. I’m still a big fan of Lancelot Link.

The DVD comes with a commentary and trivia track. However, the A/V Quality is slightly better than the Hallmark Channel broadcast. Flicks like this are usually shot quick and no one really bothers with an HD presentation. Therefore, you’ve got to take what you get with a release like this. I’d recommend a rental.

RELEASE DATE: 12/06/2011

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