Catch a falling star and put it in your Holiday film.

“Christmas Trade” is a film that will make you believe that Christmas movies have finally ran out of ideas. I’m a big fan of using Christmas as a backdrop for stories, but we hit a point where you can only force so much into the Holiday. This time out, you have William Baldwin and Denise Richards playing a couple whose dead eyes tell a far greater tale than this feature. Apparently, Santa decided to have Baldwin switch bodies with a 12 year old. Denise Richards went along with this, because why wouldn’t she?

Tom Arnold shows up as the funny friend who says things like “can you make out the check to CASH” and “I’m going to fire my agent”. Laughs are had by all, as somebody learns the true meaning of Christmas. I’m not sure if this aired on Hallmark, but it has the strong stench of it. Keep up the hate mail, older readers. I read it all.


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