Christmas 2019 with Arrow Films USA [Reviews]

American Werewolf in London Arrow Films blu Christmas

It’s not that often that AndersonVision gets to sit down and admire one studio’s output. While we planned and still will do individual coverage for Arrow releases, this is more of a means to an end.

Arrow Films USA Christmas Bonanza begins now!

Robocop (1987) is such a mixed bag from Arrow Films. The Collector’s Edition set is amazing, but then there is the matter of that transfer. When you use a transfer that ages old in a 4K era, people are going to complain. Sometimes, it’s not fair and you litter in a ton of extra goodies to cover up the fact. But, at this point…any Robocop 4K disc at this point will look better. Hell, the accompanying Blu-ray might have a transfer from within the last 12 months. OCP shade thrown.

An American Werewolf in London might have had one of the best Blu-ray releases of 2019. Might? No, people…it did. The special features were stacked, so many packed-in goodies and this is probably the best transfer ever released by Arrow Films. Seriously, I’ll go on record and call this the best US release of an Arrow Films product. Good work all around.

Edge of the Axe finally got a Blu-ray release. Great! I don’t know what I expected. The special features are cool, but so much of it felt like a Made-for-TV movie. Oh well.

The Ringu Collection

The Ringu Collection gets a proper release from Arrow Films. While it’s a pretty stacked set, I’m still not a fan of the movies. This is my first time seeing the Ringu sequels in ages, so I was prepared to sit down and have my mind blown. Oh well, I guess I only liked the first movie as it stood. The special features are stacked, so don’t worry about double dipping off the first movie.

Black Angel

Black Angel is normally the kind of thing that I eat up. Arrow Academy loves to hit those deep-cut films of yesteryear that usually shot life into a genre. Unfortunately, this is a very tepid Noir with little focus or plot substance. The special features are OK, but this one barely held my attention throughout the film.

Slaughterhouse Five Arrow Films

Slaughterhouse Five

Slaughterhouse Five was a personal favorite. When Arrow Films announced the released, I was pumped that Universal finally licensed the film out. Out of all the studios licensing from Universal, Arrow seems to be the one going after my areas of interest. What kinda hurts the film for me is how long it took people to start taking it seriously. Most of the principal creative parties and now we’re left what we have. A decades later chance to try and explain away the work of dead masters.

Apprentice to Murder

Apprentice to Murder was one of those movies I saw a lot as a younger kid, then forgot existed. There’s something about horror movies that use misguided religious figures that always gets my attention. Plus, there’s Mia Sara. Oh, Mia Sara. The Stranger Things girl looks a lot like you, but there is no comparison. Please come back to us, we miss you. The Arrow disc is stacked for such a forgotten movie. You get a commentary and featurettes.

A ton of other Arrow Films titles

The Dead Center is why I don’t totally dig Shane Carruth. I dig him when he’s working his own stuff, but as an actor? I’m just not feeling it. However, this is the kind of small release that I feel deserves special feature material like this. I spent a ton of time in the supplementals.

The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 is only memorable for one thing. The time we get to see the film from a dog’s POV, flashback, whatever. It’s odd because I love the first movie and the Aja remake. Somehow, I can barely get through this one. If you’re a fan, reach out and tell me what I’m missing.

Killer Nun is about why you should watch nuns with head trauma. Anita Ekberg plays the baddest nun this side of Matt Murdock’s mom. She’s having lesbian affairs, killing people and generally making a slight mess for the Catholic Church. Who will stop her and what will be left? Check out the special features for a real bonus.

Toys Are Not For Children is either a sex movie or a really bad horror film. The more I watch, the less I can hold it down. Oh well, check it out once.

Who Saw Her Die? is a fun murder mystery that could have been George Lazenby’s ticket after Bond. Unfortunately, he’s been dubbed in most versions of the film and his Italian co-stars steal focus for him. The special features are fun, but only add to the dense nature of a movie for neo-Italian cinema fans. Check it out if you’re curious.

The Prey is a movie I want to like. Unfortunately, it’s also a killer camp/outdoors film that arrived in the aftermath of Friday the 13th. Jackie Coogan shows up in last role to remind us all how time makes Festers of us all. The 2-disc release is stacked and shows off both cuts of the film. Due to time and damage, the International cut isn’t looking the best. But, it’s the best that anyone should expect in this day and age.

In The Aftermath Arrow Films blu Christmas

In The Aftermath

In The Aftermath was a film I had a film reviewer friend bring up while we were watching Sound & Fury on Netflix. Now, I don’t automatically make the logic jumps to compare every new animated feature to something from the past. But, the stylistic jumps between live-action to animation were quite similar. The stylistic choices are fun and the special features do a great deal to explain their way through the choices.

However, there is no big grand takeaway. An interesting footnote in animation history, but not one that necessarily deserves residence in your brain.

All of these Arrow Films USA titles are now available!

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