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In director Vicente Aranda’s adaptation of the classic opera, a French writer documents the seductive power of the beautiful Gypsy Carmen (Paz Vega), who turns her charms on a young soldier (Leonardo Sbaraglia), awakening his passions but ultimately leading to tragedy. Jose becomes obsessed with Carmen and finds himself unable to control his jealousy, which forces him to make a deadly decision in this fiery story of love and betrayal.


Vicente Aranda




This version of “Carmen” has to be the closest to the original novel by Prosper Mérimée, a well known and popular short story writer of the 19th century. His novella was the original basis for the opera but even there some changes were necessary for operatic presentation. In this variation some changes were made in the basic romance between the leads. Due to the nature of film some of the scenes were very explicit and nudity is present; just a warning to parents. That is if there are any kids out there that would be willing to watch anything related to an opera. There is also the addition of a character that represents the author. This adds a form of narrative that does help to progress the story. Jordà has considerable experience in producing screenplays almost exclusively in his native country of Spain. His works include representations of most genres particularly drama and thrillers. He also has some documentary and biography scripts so he is a very well rounded author. Adding to this is work as a director and actor giving him a good feel for all aspects of film production. As a co-writer Aranda also has a long and varied resume. He is considered on of the most famous Spanish film makers around today. He has a classic style that is unmistakable. His attention to detail is famous among his peers. Aranda has built his career bring Spanish literature to life on the big screen. He often employs themes of social significance and tends towards the melodramatic especially in his more lust laden scenes. His perchance for erotic themes fits perfectly for the character of Carmen.

The DVD is rather limp and doesn’t inspire a lot of Home Theater awes. But, it works as a look at one of the great romances. You’ve got to find some appreciation for that. Oh wait, you guys are the people that want to know when I’m going to post the Billy Bob Krueger story. I forgot.

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