An Interview with Chloe ‘Hitgirl’ Moretz

Steve: Hey Chloe how are you doing!

Chloe: Hey Steve I’m good how are you!

Steve: I’m good, how have you been? Good?

Chloe: Yeah, great, just been hanging out here in London.

Steve: Well, the first question, Hitgirl in Kickass was a very different style of role for a young girl, that’s been covered elsewhere in more detail so we won’t go back over it, ‘Let Me In’, the trailer was great and you were so creepy and effective in it. Do you tend to look for these more mature, adult type of roles, or do they just basically get given to you?

Chloe: I just look for scripts that are challenging and that I know can stretch my acting ability and I go from there!

Steve: You’ve starred with people like Joseph Gordon Levitt, Nicholas Cage, Jason Lee… who’s next. Who do you really want to work with next?

Chloe: Oh I really, really am dying to work with Natalie Portman! Yeah, I would love to do a drama with her, shes such a phenomenal actress, and I look up to her as a person and as an actress because she’s so grounded and you know, she’s been in this business for so long and I really look up to her.

Steve: How much training did you do for Kickass? Some of those action scenes were incredible, I’m not 100% sure if you had an action double or not?

Chloe: Oh, everything was me. I did all the jumps, all the running and shooting, it was all me. I did like, 90% of all the stunts. Around 10% of it wasn’t me, you know, because I can’t run up walls and all that crazy stuff you know!


Steve: *laughs* Did you do a lot of martial arts training at all?

Chloe: Yeah I did a lot of martial arts training actually! I also did Gymnastics and I actually went to Circus school!

Steve: Really? Circus School???

Chloe: Yeah, Circus School was pretty crazy!

Steve: What did you do there?

Chloe: Well we did a lot of flexibility and worked on trying to do flips and stuff.

Steve: So honestly, how cool do all your friends think you are now because you’re ‘Hitgirl’?

Chloe: Oh they really LOVED it. They thought it was so funny to see me like that because I’m so different to Hitgirl, wholesome and I’m very normal you know? *laughs*

Steve: What kind of role would you really like to tackle next?

Chloe: Well right now I’m doing a film called ‘The Invention of Hugo Cabret’ with Martin Scorcese directing it? It’s a really fun film, its like a fantasy thriller type film, I’m very excited to finish it and have it done and everything.

Steve: You really do have an amazing resume, to have so much done in such a short period of time I must admit.

Chloe: Thank you!

Steve: Did you do any of the commentary on the DVD/Bluray of Kickass?

Chloe: I’m not in the commentary but I know Matthew did it, and I’m sure Mark Millar did it too?

Steve: Ok, and my friend Guy Barton asked if you could answer his question possibly… Despite your apparent versatility, can you see yourself venturing deeper into comedy in the future?

Chloe: Yes! I actually have a Farrelly Brothers movie coming out, where I have a skit in it and its a comedy film, so that’s really exciting!

Steve: Yeah, I thought you handled everything in Kickass superbly, it was wonderful. Well, thank you for your time and have a great day Chloe!

Chloe: Thank you too!


The Kick-Ass Bluray and DVD should be available now in the United States.

Release dates for other countries vary.

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