Check out the Trailer for “Prisoner’s Daughter” in Theaters on June 30th

Check out the Trailer for "Prisoner's Daughter" in Theaters on June 30th 17
Prisoner's Daughter

Prepare to be captivated by the intense and gripping thriller, “Prisoner’s Daughter,” directed by renowned filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke. With a stellar cast led by Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox, this gritty and turbulent tale will keep you on the edge of your seat. Mark your calendars for June 30th, as this highly anticipated film hits theaters near you.

“Prisoner’s Daughter” follows the story of Max (Brian Cox), a man who has spent 12 years behind bars and is now battling terminal cancer. He is granted a compassionate release under the condition that he resides with his estranged daughter, Maxine (Kate Beckinsale). As a single mother struggling to provide for her son, Ezra (Christopher Convery), Maxine reluctantly agrees to take in her father, but she has no intentions of reconciling or allowing Max to establish a relationship with her son.

Maxine’s challenges only multiply as she must also confront Ezra’s father, Tyler (Tyson Ritter), an abusive addict seeking control over their son’s life. With Max determined to redeem himself in his daughter’s eyes, their troubled past and Max’s dark secrets resurface, haunting them all.

Under the skillful direction of Catherine Hardwicke, known for her notable works like “Twilight” and “Thirteen,” “Prisoner’s Daughter” explores the depths of human emotions and the complexities of family dynamics. The film’s screenplay, penned by Mark Bacci, delivers a compelling narrative that delves into the darkest corners of the characters’ lives.

Check out the Trailer for
Prisoner’s Daughter

The exceptional performances in “Prisoner’s Daughter” bring the story to life. Leading the cast is the talented Kate Beckinsale as Maxine, portraying a strong-willed single mother determined to protect her son at all costs. Brian Cox takes on the role of Max, a complex character facing his own mortality and seeking redemption. Tyson Ritter embodies the manipulative and dangerous Tyler, while Christopher Convery portrays the vulnerable yet resilient Ezra. The film also features Ernie Hudson and Jon Huertas in supporting roles, adding depth and intrigue to the story.

“Prisoner’s Daughter” is rated R for language and some violence, reflecting the intensity and rawness of the film. With a run time of 100 minutes, the tight pacing ensures an immersive and thrilling experience for the audience. As a gripping thriller, the film falls within the genre that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, craving to uncover the characters’ fates.

Mark your calendars for June 30th to witness the powerful storytelling of “Prisoner’s Daughter” on the big screen.

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke and featuring an exceptional cast led by Kate Beckinsale and Brian Cox, this gritty and turbulent thriller will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. Brace yourself for a tale of redemption, family bonds, and the haunting consequences of a dark past. Don’t miss out on this gripping cinematic experience!

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