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Charleene Closshey : Talk About Love (Music from No Postage Necessary)

Charleene Closshey stars in No Postage Necessary as the female lead Josie. She’s missing her husband and wary of romantic opportunities. As her life begins to change, she opens up and discovers new things about herself. While that is impressive, it also reveals something quite novel about the use of a lead actress appearing in a film and on the soundtrack. It almost lends the work a sense of musical theatricality.

No Postage Necessary isn’t the kind of movie that lends itself to being deemed a musical. It’s a film about a convicted hacker finding love at the worst possible time. Yet, Closshey’s Nashville by way of Ireland style singing really pops onscreen and on disc. I shouldn’t say disc, as I reviewed the music I heard digitally. I guess I just showed my age there.

The ultimate takeaway from Talk About Love is that it beats expectations. In an age where everything is predictable and formulas dictate what we see, Closshey breaks the mold. Take the opportunity to listen to something that strays outside of what is known. If you don’t, then you’re basic. Don’t be a basic listener. I respect you too much to lead you astray. Prove me right!

Charleene Closshey’s Talk About Love is available now.

Charleene Closshey

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