“Cemetery Without Crosses” is a reminder that Dario Argento wrote another Western. What do you call a Spaghetti Western made with French influence? This ran through my head, as I fell in love with my first viewing of “Cemetery Without Crosses”. I had heard of the film under the name “The Rope and the Colt”, but I never gave it a chance until now. That was my mistake.

The film opens on a young woman who just lost her husband. She turns to a leather glad gunman to help her avenge the death. The gunman is her former lover, but that doesn’t stop the duo from beginning a campaign of revenge. The gunman hides out in a Ghost Town where he doesn’t want to fight anymore. Plus, you can’t help but feel a slight resentment for being spurned by his older lover. The concentration on emotion is something I’ll chalk up to the French influence.

The Blu-Ray comes with interviews, original French featurette and a trailer for the special features. The A/V Quality is astonishing for a little seen Western. The 1080p transfer shows off the harsh nature of the environment. Plus, the PCM mono track is uncompressed audio joy. This is a must-buy for all Western fans.

Release Date: 7/21/15

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