“Cellar Dweller” is an insanely fun late 80s horror movie. After opening with a 1950s era throwback sequence starring Jeffrey Combs, we’re flung to the present day 1987. The creature that Combs designed for his comic is now killing in the real world. A new young heroine fights for her life against this disgusting creature, as Yvonne De Carlo ages before your eyes. Movies like this are why Buechler was one of the Kings of the Late 80s horror scene.

“Catacombs” is a boring Euro influenced horror tale. You get the Italian influence religious horror imagery and the focus is tight. The problem with it is that nothing is there. The kills are cool, but the plot is shit. I know that people hate how I treat every film on the same level, but that’s the way it goes. Horror shouldn’t get a pass, as it belongs to the grand scheme of things.

The Blu-Ray comes with a commentary on Catacombs with the director. “Cellar Dweller” gets no special features. The A/V Quality boasts a brand new 1080p HD transfer for both films. The DTS-HD master audio track is a mono mix that is appropriate for its era. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.

Release Date: 7/14/15

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