Celebrate National Cat Day this Saturday with a Cat-Home Movie Night! Nine Lives is on Digital HD now and on Blu-ray & DVD 11/1! It’s the purr-fect family comedy starring Christopher Walken, Kevin Spacey and Jennifer Garner!

M118 Robbie Amell and Mr. Fuzzypants tar in EuropaCorp's   "NINE LIVESÓ. Photo Credit: Takashi Seida © 2016 EuropaCorp

Ways to Plan A Cat Home Movie Night With Your Fuzzy Feline
1. Watch This Year’s Best Cat Film – Cuddle Up While Watching Nine Lives!
2. Keep Treats & Snacks Handy – For any good movie night be sure you have your favorite human and kitty approved snacks!
3. Pre-game Play Time – “Paws” before you press play and have some play-time with your kitten – this will also help wear down your four-legged friend for some serious snuggles during the film!
4. Show Time – Pick you and your cat(s) favorite spot on the couch/chair/bed and enjoy the film together while you bond right meow on National Cat Day! Yay!!!
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