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Celebrate Elvis this week with The King’s biggest Paramount movies

Elvis thrived at Paramount. He also worked at other studios, but we’re not here for his MGM or Universal work.

The following Elvis Classics are available from Paramount

  • Blue Hawaii – Arrives on 4K UHD Digital on June 21st
  • King Creole – Available on Blu-ray now
  • Elvis 5-Movie Collection – on DVD now
Celebrate Elvis this week

The following movies are available now in various formats: Roustabout, Fun in Acapulco, Elvis in Too Many Tribbles, God Loves…Elvis Kills, Memphis A.D. 1972 and G.I. Blues

This is a fun game for the younger readers to see who looks up the fake films. Celebrate Elvis this week!

Celebrate Elvis this week with some killer Paramount movies

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