today launched Marijuana Nation: The New War over Weed, an exclusive Special Report that examines the debate around the legalization of marijuana and how states across the U.S. are considering marijuana legalization as a viable source of income. According to a poll asking users what they thought about the probability of marijuana becoming legalized by 2010, 41% believe the illegal drug should be legalized by 2010.  The Special Report and poll results can be found at

As the debate on legalizing marijuana heats up, this on-going special report will continue to bring the latest developments.  Today,’s Charles Cooper and Declan McCullagh wrote a feature article titled, “America’s Love-Hate History with Pot,” offering a comprehensive look at marijuana, the cultural attitudes towards the drug and the history behind its illegality.  On Tuesday,’s Brian Montopoli travels to Holland where he examines the impact of marijuana legalization.  On Wednesday, explores America’s anti-drug campaign where organizations like Partnership for a Drug Free America caution children against drug use.

The Special Report also offers a variety of interactive features, including:


•· Cali Carlin takes a retrospective look at the evolution of anti-drug Public Service Announcements:  from their inception in the 1950s to the popular remake of the “this is your brain on drugs” campaign.

•·        CBS News archival footage from the 1960s and 1970s showing how the perception of marijuana has changed in this country, including a 1968 CBS Special Report about marijuana and a 1979 60 MINUTES story about a Coptic Church that fought Florida officials on religious grounds.

•·        The Fast Draw team sketches illustrations explaining the mechanics of marijuana distribution in the United States and the origins of the illegal drug.

•·        DOC DOT COM’s Dr. Jonathan LaPook reports on the medical benefits of marijuana.

•·        A report on the various relationships that past U.S. presidents have had with the illegal drug.

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