Catch My Soul is an amazing film that none of you have seen. If you say you saw it, you're a liar.

Ritchie Havens makes for an interesting Othello.

“Catch My Soul” was the only feature film directed by Patrick McGoohan. It was intended to be a spiritual take on “Othello”, but what resulted was something else. Shot on location on an Indian burial ground in New Mexico, the production stayed problematic. McGoohan drank a lot, the producer converted to Catholicism and the extras weren’t quite aware that they were in a movie. The producer’s religious turnabout was a response to the movie’s content and this lead to butting heads over the film’s direction. All the while, “Jesus Christ Superstar” was being released and stealing a ton of thunder.

For decades, many cult cinema fans believed the movie to be lost. You’d see trailers at found footage festivals and bits of the movie here and there. Etiquette Pictures has seemingly done the impossible by restoring the film in 2K for this stellar Blu-Ray release. Shot lovingly by Conrad Hall, the sheer beauty of the film will leave you stunned. It’s just a shame that so much of the production talent has died.

The Blu-Ray comes with featurettes, interviews, trailers, TV spots and related materials. The 1080p transfer is gorgeous and expertly paired with the DTS-HD master audio track. I would’ve loved to have heard a commentary. Whether it’s outside expert or something else, I wanted to hear something. This is a must buy.


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