Deep space. Billions of miles from Earth, Rosetta, a spacecraft the size of a car, travels towards an icy rock 2.5 miles wide that hurtles through space at tens of thousands of miles per hour. Rosetta has been in space for ten years but in the next few days she will do something no other spacecraft has ever attempted: land on the volatile surface of a comet as it flies round the sun.

This is the European Space Agency’s (ESA) most audacious mission. It has taken a team of brilliant engineers 30 years to get to this point. The mission has been beset with daunting technological challenges, faulty launch vehicles, and the unpredictable and dangerous nature of the comet itself, all of which have conspired to stop the mission in its tracks.

If it works, Rosetta is guaranteed to provide a treasure-trove of scientific data, but make no mistake about it, this is a dangerous mission. The rewards may be huge but so are the risks.


“To Catch a Comet” is what happens when you land a car on a 2.5 mile strip of rock. But, the rock is speeding through space and the car has been attempting to stick the landing for about a decade. I have to admire the ESA’s ability to make this happen. Especially as American sentiment seems to have abandoned our scientific endeavors. Right now, we’re on social justice kicks. Historically, we’ll start carrying about science again around 2020.

The efforts to land Rosetta on a comet is amazing. However, I feel that the hour run time was more of a glory lap than scientific explanation. We see so many of these talking head pieces that seem like they were created to justify expenditures in ancillary programs. While the intellectual elite knows of their importance, I didn’t feel that the documentary explain to the common folk why it was important. All I saw was a whole of visual appeal.

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is pretty sharp for standard definition. That being said, the transfer still doesn’t get much to do. The Dolby 2.0 track keeps all channels pumping. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to space enthusiasts.

RELEASE DATE: 01/13/2015

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