Castle Crashers Necromantic Pack Available Tomorrow

The Necromantic Pack will be available tomorrow, August 26th, for 160 Microsoft Points. It will include:

  • Two new Characters: The Necromancer and The Cult Minion
  • A new Animal Orb Dragonhead.
  • Two new Weapons: The NG Skull Mace and yes, the damn Chainsaw.
  • There should also be picture packs.

Not only that, but The Behemoth hints at even more awesomeness on its forums, saying that the DLC release is “Just in time for Castle Crasher’s birthday (on the 27th).” and “I don’t know about you, but birthdays make me think of presents.” Hmm usually you give someone a present on their birthday, as opposed to expecting one, but I think in this case it will be the reverse. Find out for sure on the developer’s blog on the 27th.

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