Cast Your 2012 Vote Early with Bragstr

Cast Your 2012 Vote Early with Bragstr 3

Whether it be with friends, family or co-workers, everyone is eager to weigh in on their opinions of the 2012 election. Unfortunately, this is usually limited to checking an “Obama” or “Romney” box on a poll or election day. This year, the newly launched fantasy sports site is putting a fun new spin on casting your vote. Moving beyond the traditional “Vote for X or Y” model, Bragstr is featuring a series of fun and exciting contests where members can predict what they think will happen in the events leading up election day. Free-to-play, members can place their predictions against their friends and strangers in order to win real world prizes.
This weekend Bragstr is bringing you into the election action with the second round of its Buzzword Debate contest. To play, simply guess the combined number of times you think both Governor Romney AND President Obama will say “terror” or any variation (terrorist, terrorism… etc) during the Presidential debate on October 22nd 2012. Compete against your friends for bragging rights, the 1st prize winner will receive $100. Deadline to join is Oct. 22nd. Cast your vote by visiting:
On October 23rd, Bragstr will host another Election 2012 contest “Battleground Tuesday”. Check back on Bragstr for contest details.
Bragstr’s Buzzword Debates offer a fun take on the election and is something I really think you’re audience would enjoy hearing about. After you visit the election contests, I encourage you to take a look at the other exciting sports leagues and contests going on and have some fun.
Registering for Bragstr is free and easy (via email or facebook) and can be done by visiting:

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