“Car Wash” is a Day in the Life movie about an inner city Car Wash and the people that visited it. It’s not hard to see the influence on similar films by the Wayans and Master P. That being said, the history of Universal misrepresenting this movie is well known. Even the Shout Factory Blu uses artwork that features Carlin and Pryor on the box art. While they were the biggest talents in the film, they’re just cameos. Well, extended cameos.

Somewhere between the legendary music and the broad ethnic humor, “Car Wash” served as a bridge for its time. What makes it even odder is that said bridge was written by Joel “Bat Nipples” Schumacher. As such, you get to play with a lot of bizarre stereotypes that fit the era. Antonio Farges switches from Huggy Bear to playing flaming queer member of the Car Wash staff. Bill Duke plays a militant inner-city Car Wash worker who keeps looking to stick it to the man. All the while, The Pointer Sisters sing on the periphery.

This is such a time capsule film, that I appreciate getting it on HD. Too often, movies like this get shuffled into the corners due to modern fears of being offense. Well, to deny history is the greatest crime of all. Maybe genocide is worse, but let’s stick with the film at hand. Laugh at what works and study what played to the masses in 1976.


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The Plot Thus Far

A day in the life of the employees at a Los Angeles car wash. Not all of the employees are black, there’s a Mexican American and a Native American also out on the line. The man with the pop bottle is not thought to be a thief, but a madman known as “the pop bottle bomber”.

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