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CAMELOT (1982)

CAMELOT (1982)

CAMELOT (1982) 7


“Camelot” gets the full stage treatment in this taped broadcast of the 1980 show revival. While it was considered novel to capture live theater for premium cable in 1980, it feels commonplace now. Hell, you could easily see the same thing on PBS now. I used to be able to say Bravo, A&E or other Arts channels. The kicker is that reality programming ruined those channels. Honestly, that’s how old I am. I remember when those channels actually showed Theater and Opera on the regular. Oh well, if you’re a fan of the show…it’s worth picking up as a completist.


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  • 1.33:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby 2.0

RELEASE DATE: 12/08/17

  • 84%
    Video - 84%
  • 86%
    Audio - 86%
  • 88%
    Film Score - 88%

The Plot Thus Far

Camelot is a utopia where good King Arthur, his wife Guinevere and The Knights of the Roundtable live virtuous lives until Guinevere develops a powerful attachment to a French soldier, Lancelot Their love for Arthur and each other serves to disrupt peace in the kingdom. Lancelot falls madly in love with the queen while Arthur is entrapped by an evil spell cast by Sorceress Morgan le Fay at the urging of the king’s illegitimate son, Mordred. When their affair is revealed, Lancelot fights his way out of Camelot, leaving Guinevere who is sentenced to die by fire. When Arthur returns from his enchanted imprisonment, he must decide whether to watch her suffer a painful death or incite a civil war. This production was part of the cable series “HBO Theatre”, and is a videotaped presentation of the 1980 Broadway stage revival of the Lerner & Lowe musical. The production was filmed at the Winter Garden Theater in Manhattan, NY and received four ACE nominations. Recommended for family viewing by the National Education Association

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