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When Calls The Heart: The Greatest Blessing review: It Lingers

When Calls The Heart: The Great Blessing returns with the latest installment of Janette Oke’s never-ending frontier G-rated romance tales. Abigal and the Hope Valley regulars have to give a group of orphans a place to stay during Christmas. Elizabeth is about to drop a baby, yet she still has a class to tame. The town of predominantly white people bow and scrape to each other, while they smile so wide. While the film is short, I wish that it didn’t feel like a 30 minute episode stretched to feature length.

After years of these films/shows/webisodes, I’m starting to wonder what is left to say. This show is rapidly becoming the equivalent of watching Sea Monkeys. They’re always going to be doing the same thing around certain times of the year. Nobody stretches and it feels like material that might be too sweat for your grandparents. So, what’s next? I’m not sure.

When Calls The Heart: The Great Blessing is available now!

When Calls The Heart The Greatest Blessing

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