Caillou is an inquisitive four year old whose world is filled with learning, fun and imagination and inspires generations of pre-school children to grow emotionally as they explore the world around them. From learning the true meaning of sharing and friendship in Sharing the Rocketship, to realizing how great it is to spend time with family in Rollie Racers, Fun and Games with Caillou! is packed with fun-filled summertime adventures the whole family can enjoy!

Your child will be inspired by Caillou’s pretend play where everyday life becomes anything he or she can imagine.

Episodes include…
Caillou’s Toy Trouble
Sharing the Rocketship
Coach Grandpa
The Safety Helper
Blast Off to Space Caillou
No Tradebacks!
Shoe Story
Rollie Racers


“Fun and Games with Caillou” is a new compilation disc about grown-ups making Preschoolers play outside. Sharing and friendship are tackled throughout all of the episodes, but everyone knows where it’s heading. Caillou makes some more friends that don’t show up ever again. That guy must have one terrible personality. Just kidding, he’s only a kid.

Caillou still has that whiny Charlie Brown thing going on. There are parents that have learned how to mimic the whine down to an art. Especially, since their own children have now taken to whining for their mothers with the same tonal precision. I heard what the kid sounds like in the original French language tracks, so I’m not sure why they turned up the annoying for American audiences. It’s one of life’s mysteries, I guess.

The DVD comes with coloring pages and activities as the special features. The A/V Quality is pretty strong for a foreign kids’ show. The Dolby track is supportive with its surround design. However, the transfer feels flat when compared to the PBS HD broadcast. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to parents of young kids.


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