Two detectives – the strong yet compassionate Detective Sergeant, Ellie Miller, and the by-the-book Detective Inspector, Alec Hardy – are brought together to solve the murder of an eleven year-old boy on a picturesque beach in a small coastal town. Under the glare of the media spotlight, the two race to find the killer, while the clock ticks and the mystery deepens.


“Broadchurch: The Complete First Season” investigates how and why crimes happen. More importantly, the show takes a look at how the awful media obsession with death turns murder investigations into these giant circuses. There’s something very American about the layout of the show and I now get why an American version is making its way to the US in the Fall of 2014. However, the logic put forth by the show pushes events into areas of questionable progress. Can you keep making seasons of a show after the events of this first season?

There’s something about basing a show around the death of a child. That’s on par with killing a dog or running over a handicapped person with a truck. When you set up the shocker of having the infirmed or helpless put in harm’s way, you automatically get the push and support of people. However, what if those same people are causing the victims to turn on themselves. There are multiple angles to a murder investigation and “Broadchurch” wisely shows how they all play together. A lot of the time…it’s not pretty.

The DVD comes with a featurette and deleted scenes as the special features. A word to the wise regarding those features, they are loaded with spoilers. The A/V Quality is pretty strong for an imported TV show. However, I found the Dolby track lacked any major punch-ups. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to fans.


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