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The Bride (1985) killed Frankenstein for 10 years

This film is such an oddity. After all, it’s a creature feature with Clancy Brown under heavy makeup. But, it’s also a feminist reworking of Frankenstein’s first sequel. Plus, it’s directed by the guy who made Quadrophenia.

Whatever possessed Jennifer Beals to make this her follow-up to Flashdance is beyond me. She works with what she gets to do, but so much of this movie feels made in the editing room. Now, I’m not saying it was well-edited. I’m just commenting on how noticeably choppy the film plays.

At one point, Mariel Hemingway was in the movie. Was she cut to give Cary Elwes and Quentin Crisp more time? Also, what was with the overconfidence in Sting’s performance? I get that we were all crazy over Dune in 1985. I just don’t see what made him capable enough of playing Dr. Frankenstein.

The real MVP of the film is Clancy Brown, but most of the poster art and film attention never addresses his portrayal of Frankenstein’s Monster. The cinematography is amazing and treaded into Award worthy territory. However, so much of this film fights against itself. I would love to see a modern team try to take a stab at this one. It’s just that I don’t hear anyone really asking for it.



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