“Breaking Free: The Shale Rock Revolution” is a fascinating documentary about fracking. I tend to get slammed with documentaries, so forgive me if this debuts a little late. So many documentaries on the matter want to show both sides of the issue. The problem is that documentaries are only so long and you can’t have so many fence sitters. There has to be a decisive voice.

Western North Dakota has faced an economic boom as a result of fracking. But, nobody can measure the environmental or social impact without stepping over their toes. I appreciate the wide spectrum on the issue, but I need to hear definitive takes. I keep bringing up the issue, as the documentary is so straightforward that there isn’t a unique voice. I’ve heard this all before and I need something more!

The transfer is warm and fuzzy due to the appearance of being shot on consumer grade cameras. The Dolby track holds up for a front facing audio barrage. I watched a VOD digital stream, so I can’t speak to any future home video release. But, I can’t see them being that different. In the end, I’d recommend a stream.

RELEASE DATE: 3/17/2015 (Digital Download)

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