“The Breadwinner” is like an animated version of The Kite Runner, but sadder. Well, that’s not to say that the Kite Runner isn’t sad. Hell, every story involving kids in that region ends up sad. This is when a reader writes in about Malala. Well, her story is kind plagued with tragedy…isn’t it? The film makes the best of the source material and tries to find charm in beating the odds. “The odds” is what the local children call drone strikes.

Sick jokes aside, the film uses mythology and political strife to show how children cope. Coping skills are important in times when life makes no sense and your traditional family structures melts down. The film plays short, but it stays important throughout every frame. I’ve watched the film three times now and I find something new to admire with each viewing. What amazes me is that the color palette really slams warm colors throughout the darkest content.

The contrast is bizarre, but it challenges you to hang in there with the terrible nature of the Taliban regime. While it opened in limited release in November, hopefully more Arthouses are picking it up now.


  • PG-13
  • 1 hr and 34 mins

RELEASE DATE: 11/17/17 (in select theaters)


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