Born Free has all 4 movies released in The Complete Collection


Born Free: The Complete Collection brings together four amazing links in the Born Free franchise. You get the Oscar winning film, the follow-up, the TV series and the attempt at a 90s comeback. I wish fans of every special franchise got these kinds of releases. The first movie already got a quality Blu-ray release from Twilight Time. However, I think this is the first recent release for the other three offerings. Hell, it’s the first time I’ve seen the TV series outside of VHS and deep cable.

Not enough people love their Gary Collins vehicles. Anyways, Mill Creek keeps raiding the SONY archives to find fun little releases like this. Not everyone digs Born Free, but they love fun animal pictures. Plus, the material is pretty G-rated and that means a lot for parents of really young kids. They need to have side material to break up the monotony of Disney, Nick, Babyfirst and related programs. If that means watching an old-ass lion play to a John Barry score, then so be it.

Jonathan Brandis shows up in the 90s attempt at revamping the series…it didn’t end well.


  • Nothing


  • 2.35:1/1.33:1 standard definition transfers
  • Dolby 2.0


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