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Elia Kazan‘s Oscar-nominated crime drama is based on a true murder case in which an upright prosecutor fights to bring justice despite the faulty legal system at the time. A pastor has been murdered in a small town and a likely suspect has been indicted. But contradicting evidence causes District Attorney Harvey (Dana Andrews) to prove the man’s innocence amid political pressure. Jane Wyatt and Lee J. Cobb co-star in this documentary-style film.


Elia Kazan

Dana Andrews     Jane Wyatt
Lee J. Cobb     Cara Williams
Arthur Kennedy     Sam Levene
Taylor Holmes     Robert Keith
Ed Begley     Karl Malden
Barry Kelley     Lewis Leverett
Philip Coolidge



Splendidly directed by Elia Kazan and sharply photographed in black & white by Norbert Brodine “Boomerang” does indeed have a newsreel look about it especially with it having a narration by Reed Hadley. Previously, D.P. Louis deRochemont had great success with this style of film production when he produced “The House On 92nd Street” two years earlier.

Richard Murphy’s taut screenplay for “Boomerang” – from an article in Reader’s Digest – was based on an actual incident in Bridgeport, Connecticut where the murder of a kindly church pastor occured. The film recounts the efforts of the town council to bring pressure to bear on the frustrated police department to bring the killer to justice by any and every means.
Dana Andrews gives his usual stalwart performance as the local D.A. who suddenly finds himself going over to the side of the defence when the only and hapless suspect is coerced into signing a confession for the murder.

The DVD is a fun release that brings back everything I love about the FOX Film Noir releases. I wish that the studio got around to putting out more of these films per year. But, the special features and A/V Quality show a timeless care that can’t be rushed. I recommend this DVD to anyone that’s a fan of true crime stories. 



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