One of the longest running and most popular of all television programs, Bonanza has become a part of American mythology. For fourteen seasons, audiences enthusiastically tuned in to see the High-Sierra adventures of the Cartwright clan. Nestled amongst the pines above the shores of Lake Tahoe is the Ponderosa, the thousand-square mile home of Ben Cartwright and his sons, Adam, Hoss and Little Joe. Guest players were a veritable Who’s Who of classic Hollywood and upcoming superstars, and timeless stories continue to appeal to contemporary audiences of all ages.


“Bonanza” enters its third season with more of the same stunning episodes. You get more of the Ponderosa gang and the appeal is there for fans. It’s just that I’m a casual television Western fan and I’m having a hard enough time watching it. I wouldn’t call it essential, but it is what it is. If you dig Lorne Greene, then that’s what it is. I just keep waiting for Hop Sing to get a line on the program.

The DVD comes with  featurettes and classic TV Spots/Commercials. The A/V Quality is pretty sharp, but the transfer shows some minor noise. The Dolby 5.1 track kicks in at the right time, but it never really overpowers the vintage material. But, I wasn’t expecting a big home theater experience. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to fans of the series.


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