John Derek made some awful movies.

How can Donald Trump make America great again when he starred in one of these schlockfests?

“Bolero” is the major Cannon film that the Dereks did in the 1980s. For those that heard it discussed in “Electric Boogaloo”, I assure you that you’re missing out. Basically, Bo Derek is supposed to be playing well younger than her age while working a sex safari through North Africa and Spain. It’s nearly two hours of a man directing his wife in what has to be the longest Homegrown Video ever shot. But, it at least looked it was professionally shot.

“Ghosts Can’t Do It” is the flip side of the coin and the last year has seen Geek Cinema rediscover its awfulness. Somewhere between the bad audio, the force ghosting of people obviously shot after the fact and Donald Trump’s cameo as himself…things play weird. The film focuses on Anthony Quinn’s ghostly efforts to push his wife into murder. The dude kills himself after a heart attack critically maims him, but now he wants to return to life as a younger guy. Bo Derek trots the globe in order to murder for her husband, as she wants him back. This entire affair is shot as a sincere romantic comedy.

The Blu-Ray comes with no special features. However, you’re getting two of the most quality cuts from the Derek film library. The A/V Quality is stunning for films of this nature. The 1080p transfer pops, but the DTS-HD master audio mono tracks are thinner than I remember. Still, it’s worth a purchase for fans of Cult Cinema.

RELEASE DATE: 1/12/2016

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