365 High-Def Days of Oscar: Day 12

Year: 2010

Oscar Nominations:

Best Actress


The film centers on a contemporary married couple, charting their evolution over a span of years by cross-cutting between time periods.


What’s genius about “Blue Valentine” is that the dialogue doesn’t hold any type of pretense to it. I attended the press screening and read the press notes afterward and was amazed by the long, grueling process that Cainfrance went through along with his stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams just to get the kind of characters they have in mind. Some of the scenes you see in the story were contributions of Gosling and Williams who had complete understanding of the characters and the goal of the story. The story shows you the past, how these two characters met, what made them fall for each other, romantic and heartfelt.. and then.. the present, of what time does to a relationship when communication is not clear anymore and misunderstandings take over like an ugly bacteria that worsen every situation, it just doesn’t look hopeful from that point on.These are two people with a very idealized and romanticized view of love. They view it as something that is there or it isn’t. From their backgrounds it is obvious why. Neither of them has any exposure to a couple working at it, tending to the relationship. Things are good, then they aren’t. Williams character says early on, “How can you trust your feelings when they can just disappear like that?” That is a question that has plagued people as long as there have been relationships. At some point your feelings will change and if you are unequipped to change and grow with them, then any relationship is destined to fail.

The two stories (falling in love and falling apart) are told in intersecting circles. You see the beginning of the end, then you see how they meet, you see the relationship deteriorate further, then you see their amazing first date. This style allows you to see how they fell in love with each other, but also showed the lack of foundation the ultimately doomed them. Through most of the film it is obvious that the only reason they stayed together as long as they did is because of their daughter, and their absolute love for her.

The Blu-Ray comes with deleted scenes, commentary and featurettes. The A/V Quality is quite amazing, but the lossless audio track doesn’t really have a lot of room to move. That is unless you count the sex scene that originally landed the film with a NC-17 rating. You haven’t heard simulated sex, until you hear it in DTS-HD. I kid for the most part, but it is quite the experience. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.



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