Blue Movie has me loving the Netherlands. I thought all Dutch movies were like The Vanishing or Dick Maas movies. Then, I remembered Frank & Eva and all of the adult movies from that area. Given how quick the American equivalent was to stupid premises and forced setups, the Dutch were making real movies with adult situations.

Cult Epics is pretty good at discovering Dutch adult films. However, it’s a hard line of movies to push onto an unsuspecting public. Everyone has a film friend that will watch any schlock as long as it has eye candy. But, not many film fans will hang with deep insight into the Dutch Sex Wave. Is there nudity? Sure.

However, the film makes you work through serious drama and discussions about how adults interact in an emerging sexual age. The special features pack vintage interviews with new materials that provide insight into how Wim Verstappen created the film between the Netherlands and West Germany. More than anything, the film is a time capsule of an era that will never exist again.

Blue Movie is now available!

Blue Movie review: Sexual Freedom after Prison 5

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