Blu Thoughts: The Guilty, Purgatory Road

Blu Thoughts: The Guilty, Purgatory Road 3

The Guilty is a nearly single setting drama about a demoted cop trying to find a missing woman. Bound to a 911 style dispatch center, our hero has to work his way through available technology and his job limits to save the woman. Watching as personal frustration builds against the knowledge of a life on the line is quite a sight to see. Americans will want to draw comparisons to The Call, but that doesn’t quite grasp the dark nature of this story. Check out this stunning Danish thriller.

Purgatory Road is another stunning Unearthed Films release that didn’t gross me out. It’s an atmosphere rich film about bringing salvation to people who might not want it. Also, the main villain has a huge hang-up about stealing. Out of all the Unearthed Films I’ve watched recently, this plays the closest to a mainstream horror film. There is a bit of eye candy to the violence, but honestly it just holds up as a Hicksploitation junky horror flick. It’s not reinventing the wheel, but I would watch it again.

The Guilty is out now! Purgatory Road is out Feb 12th!

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