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Vibes has a girl cult following. I never saw that one coming. Times changes and what barely caught your attention is now someone’s new or old favorite. I love the continuum of entertainment when it can do things like that. But, what about the films?

Originally released in 1989, I automatically associate this movie with walls of VHS tapes at Video Village and Roadrunner Video. It seemed to child Anderson that Columbia Pictures really overestimated the appeal of a Goldblum/Lauper romantic comedy. Quickly dumped into bins at car washes and various retail entries, I spent the next 2-3 years wondering what’s so bad about Vibes?

Vibes Mill Creek Blu-ray 2020

Cyndi Lauper should have been bigger in films. But, so much went against her. Vibes was no different, as Dan Aykroyd backed out of being her co-star upon meeting her. I’ve heard the story told various ways, but it takes a lot to make Aykroyd back out of a project like this. Thankfully, they got an excellent replacement with Jeff Goldblum.

Jeff Goldblum does his best Abe Sapien, as he grabs items and reads their psychic history. He gets kicked out of museum job and hooks up with Peter Falk. After some steamy Colombo fan-fic grabassery, it’s off to South America with Lauper and Goldblum. Did I mention that Lauper has a spiritual guide in her head ala Danny in The Shining?

Vibes Mill Creek Blu-ray 2020

Well, the duo hits it off and bounces between exotic locales while learning more about each other. It’s cute enough but feels very slight past its TV grade level of comedy. I’m not going to fault anyone for being a fan, but I just don’t get the appeal. The Blu-ray comes with no special features.

Vibes is now available!

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