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“Blast” is about terrorists taking the US Womens’ Swim team hostage during the Atlanta Olympics. Now, a martial artist janitor has to stop them at all costs. What makes things even more dire is that the lead swimmer is the janitor’s wife. All of this is plausible in a mid 90s action movie and Albert Pyun milks every scene for all of its worth. Too bad about Rutger Hauer and Tim Thomerson not getting a ton to do. But, all they played were government specialists dialing in support to the janitor.

Every Batman needs his Oracle, but why does a Janitor need two? The film looks amazing in HD via MVD Marquee Collection. However, I wish that some sort of special features could’ve been dug up for it. I know that it’s hard for deep niche titles, but something had to exist. Am I right? If you’re a Pyun fan, then check it out.


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The Plot Thus Far

The world’s finest athletes have once again gathered for the summer games. Security is airtight as world leaders set aside global conflicts in order to celebrate the purity of sports.

Just before the competition begins, a deadly team of terrorists mounts a precision attack on the swimming complex, holds the Womens’ swimming team hostage and unknowingly traps a janitor (Linden Ashby, Resident Evil: Extinction), within the sprawling compound. The terrorists wire each competition venue with deadly fission explosives and the uplink to a global satellite to announce their plans to a stunned international audience.

Totally unprepared for an assault of this magnitude, a desperate President and the F.B.I. enlists the brilliant Interpol counter-terrorism expert “Leo” (Rutger Hauer), who coordinates his efforts with the trapped janitor to contain this volatile situation.

From Executive Producer Tom Karnowski (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) and legendary cult movie writer / director Albert Pyun (Cyborg), BLAST features an all-star cast that also includes Andrew Divoff (Wishmaster), Tim Thomerson (Near Dark) and an early on-screen appearance by the beautiful Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie) in the 90’s action thriller that proves terror has no limits!


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