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“Blair Witch” is the end result of the horror community overdosing on member berries. While there is a degree of novelty in remember horror roots, the path to true terror is always moving forward. The 1999 original film knew this, so why revisit the film? Why try to do what Berlinger couldn’t accomplish?

The cult of Adam Wingard continues to confuse me. While a few of this film have impressed me, I don’t get the fandom push for his indie approach. There are other directors nailing down that horror feel in a way that evades this movie. Did we really need to see a recap of the first film with a timeline that doesn’t mesh in terms of human comprehension? I get the early excitement due to people seeing the film early at San Diego Comic Con. But, those people are high if they think this film works.

I’m splitting up my discussion of this film, as it factors heavily into my End of Year 2016 stuff. That being said, the film looks amazing on home video. Pairing it with a feature length documentary allows us to see the thought process behind revisiting this franchise. Stay tuned for more coverage.


  • Commentary
  • 6-part epic length documentary
  • Featurette


  • 1.85:1 1080p transfer
  • Dolby Atmos


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