Black Friday 2021 Movie Hangover Impressive Insanity [Review Guide]

Troy spent the Thanksgiving extended holiday watching a ton of movies.
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The Black Friday 2021 Movie Hangover begins with Star Trek Discovery


Star Trek Discovery is not my favorite Star Trek. But, it seems like Trek fans don’t really have a favorite Star Trek anymore. This is spoken as someone who got stuck in the middle of an argument about Picard. I wasn’t contributing to the discussion, I was eating a McRib and trying to read A Beam of Sunlight in the Deep Forest. That’s called teasing something for later.

But, what is there in Discovery Seasons 1-3 that I haven’t talked about recently? I appreciate the efforts to create something new for Trek. Plus, I dig seeing Doug Jones in an ongoing series. It’s just that the series feels like a repainted Enterprise with some new Abrams style additions. Lower Decks is animated and funny to a point. However, this feels like Star Trek for people that don’t like Star Trek.

The three season DVD bundle comes with the prior DVD season releases, so all of the special features are there. Honestly, it’s something to give an older relative that is too scared to go ahead and sign up with Paramount Plus.

Audrey Hepburn was going to get a bigger role in the 2021 Movie Hangover, but I chose brevity.


The 2021 Movie Hangover saw me watching more Audrey Hepburn movies than I initially planned. A few weeks back, Paramount released the Audrey Hepburn 7-Movie Collection. Most of the discs in the set are the same as the standalone discs. Plus, they include the special features off of Roman Holiday, My Fair Lady and others. But, that’s not the point of these sets.

The point is getting together the best studio-owned classic films belonging to a treasured star. The set has been on sale a ton during the Holidays and I recommend picking it up when you have the time. However, a lot of the movies have seen release elsewhere from Paramount. So, plan ahead.

Bonus 2021 Movie Hangover tidbit: Paris When It Sizzles is making its debut here.

That’s when the Black Friday 2021 Movie Hangover switched to the Crocodile Dundee Trilogy

Crocodile Dundee Trilogy Blu-ray 2021 Movie Hangover

I had so many notes written for Crocodile Dundee as part of the video series. Now, I’m rethinking how I’m approaching a ton of that series. But, that’s what the 2021 Movie Hangover is meant to serve. But, I just enjoy having all three movies included in one set. While I saw Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles in an empty theater, I never owned it on home video before now.

The Blu-ray collection packages together all of the previous releases. But, you get digital copies to go along with them.

The Bugsy Malone video will still happen promises the Black Friday 2021 Movie Hangover

Bugsy Malone Paramount Presents Blu-ray

Bugsy Malone is a personal favorite, so I was thrilled when Paramount Presents brought it to America for the first time on Blu-ray. I had an older Blu-ray copy bought in the United Kingdom, but it pales in comparison to this disc. You get new featurettes with the executive producer and music genius Paul Williams. Plus, you get cleaner HD transfers of the trailers.

Why it took this long for Paramount to release Bugsy Malone, I’ll never know. However, I’ve been wanting to see a proper American release of the disc, because it meant I got a Digital Copy as well. That way I could stream it for people that visit AV Central to check out.

For some reason, you get people to watch Taxi Driver, but they never fall back on Bugsy Malone. It’s a mistake.

The Haunting of Bly Manor keeps haunting you as the 2021 Movie Hangover continues!

The Haunting of Bly Manor kicks off the two part Haunting collection released by Paramount. While I’m not a big fan of these Netflix series, I do admire the nature of their stories. This feels like the umpteenth adaptation of Turn of the Screw in recent memory, but I appreciate all that Flanagan brings to the screen.

The Black Friday 2021 Movie Hangover slows down a lot when it comes to these TV series, but I’m trying to break out of the familiar before I dive hard into the 2022 plan. What is that? Well, the most of this stuff I watch…the more chatty I’ll become.

You get all of the commentaries, featurettes and director’s cuts that come with the standalone releases.

Shout Factory continues the Black Friday 2021 Movie Hangover

Coppelia is a perfect showcase for ballet superstar Michaela DePrince and her cadre of fellow ballet stars. It’s not quite like anything I’ve seen this year, as ballet and Sci-Fi doesn’t quite gel together. The CG and animation blends together well with the animation to produce a look like something I haven’t seen come out of the indie sector in a bit.

Sesame Street returns with Wonderful World of Friends. The DVD also comes with A Very Sesame Street Thanksgiving and The Magical Wand Chase specials. The oldest kid is aging out of this material, but thankfully we have a new kid that eats this up. While I’ve been enjoying Shout Kids releasing these discs, they are also indicative of everything that modern Sesame Street does.

Hell, they have more guest stars than The Love Boat. John Legend, Gwen Stefani, Billy Porter, Josh Groban and more show up to celebrate friendship and show what people do around the world. It’s two hours plus of material that will allow you to enjoy the Holidays in peace.

The 2021 Movie Hangover continues with some classic animation.

Future Boy Conan: The Complete Series is now available from Shout Factory! The 2021 Movie Hangover continues

Miyazaki‘s directing debut was on Future Boy Conan. I never knew that before a few weeks ago. GKids keeps uncovering these great anime classics for me to discover. But, this series is so amazing and works as part of the 2021 Movie Hangover. Why?

Well, because Future Boy Conan brought a lot of talent to Nippon Animation and led to the founding of other outlets such as Studio Ghibli. Beyond that, it was setting the tone of syndicated anime series to follow in the late 70s and early 80s. I barely remember the sequel series appearing on TBS in the 90s, but would love to see a collection of that series. Check it out if you’re interested.

Neon Genesis Evangelion proves to me that the 2021 Movie Hangover didn’t last long enough.

neon genesis evangelion blu ray box

Neon Genesis Evangelion was the anime I tried to make myself like back in the 1990s. After watching all 26 episodes of the complete TV series, it made me wish this state would go ahead and legalize weed. Everyone I know that enjoys Eva is either a stoner, has a waifu or a combination of both. You get the feature film which I’ve never seen before,but it allows for a sense of closure to the story.

What’s so amazing about this release is that GKids and Shout Factory are releasing it for the first time on Blu-ray in North America. That still impresses me, as I remember a time when you had to import anything foreign and cool. You get music videos, featurettes, the auditions and trailers.

The Boxtrolls and The Laika Animation Revolution arrives from Shout Factory

The Boxtrolls is another one of those modern classic Laika stop motion movies. Leaning closer to the traditional kid movie tale, it’s fun to see this very British style tale of monsters fighting it out. Tracy Morgan shows up, because we need an odd voice mixed into the matter. The special features are brand new out of Shout Factory. You get new featurettes, looks at storyboards and behind-the-scenes galleries. Everything else is the same as the original Universal disc.

The other classic Laika titles also get the same kind of packaging and love. Honestly, I think the transfer on Coraline had to have been cleaned up. I compared the Shout disc to the early Universal Blu-ray and the A/V Quality is a remarkable improvement. The A/V Quality on the other discs looks close to the same. But, it’s still enjoyable.

These Laika titles will be featured in our pending gift guide. Even if you have the old Focus/Universal discs…I’d highly recommend an upgrade.

The 2021 Movie Hangover also saw me watching the other Laika films. Coraline, Paranorman and personal favorite Kubo and the Two Strings has been discussed a ton on-site. But, why include them in the 2021 Movie Hangover?

The Oh God Collection from Shout Factory has been watched about 800 times during the 2021 Movie Hangover

oh god title 2021 movie hangover

We had a longer form take on Oh God that got eaten back in August. I’m a big fan of the movie and the sequel. However, I didn’t have enough time during the 2021 Movie Hangover to discover a love of the third film. But, the real winner in the set is the stellar special features.

I spent most of the 2021 Movie Hangover watching the new interviews, commentaries and all of the vintage TV spots included on the set. The A/V Quality also looks solid. I know Showtime has been showing a cleaned up HD transfer of the first film for a hot minute. Oh well, I wish Shout handled more classic titles like this.

DC TV is what I love as I watch Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Sixth Season

Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Blu-ray DVD

Legends of Tomorrow has changed so much since the show started. Now, season six has become its own thing with DC’s Time trappings and John Constantine getting more attention. Over 15 episodes, we get to see the team interact with everybody from Fidel Castro to David Bowie. But, something has fundamentally changed.

Outside of the ties to DC Supernatural, Green Arrow and the Flash Rogues Gallery; Legends of Tomorrow has almost become independent of DC. That’s cool and all, but I watch these shows for their ties to the larger DC Universe. It’s a nit pick, especially following my love of Stargirl. I’m looking for what the next season brings.

The Blu-ray comes with unaired scenes, gag reel, featurettes and a digital code.

Snowpiercer proves the train keeps rollin’ in Snowpiercer: The Complete Second Season

Snowpiercer Season 2 2021 Film Hangover

The 2021 Movie Hangover gives me a chance to catch up on the shows I love. After the cliffhanger ending in Snowpiercer: Season 1, it was time to see how the new year worked out. The answer is that it steps on the toes of the film a bit and you get more from Sean Bean. I think I saw Trevor from GTA V in the mix, but I need to check how much he was on the show. I can spot that guy’s voice anywhere.

Beyond that, you get featurettes and a recap of the first season as the special features. I admire the TNT original dramas, but it’s weird when the source material feels more mature than what basic cable can do even in 2021. Some will shrug over the concerns, but I think it needs addressing.

Indiepix and the power of Indie Cinema dignifies the Black Friday 2021 Movie Hangover

Indiepix brings Back to Soloz and El Hombre Bufalo to DVD at the end of November. Back to Soloz is a documentary filmed over 33 years in Soloz. What director Serge Avedikian manages to do is tell the tale of Turkey during the late 20th century, as we study how migration and political change has reworked the land. There is attention paid to the Armenian-Turkish relations, but even still…the movie feels like it’s looking for answers and only finding more questions. The DVD comes with lost film scenes and a trailer as the special features.

El Hombre Bufalo is inspired by a real life case. But, it’s also a movie about a homeless Mexican man claiming to see a buffalo man. The bulk of the movie is about Mexico City journalists being threatened with death for covering local cases. So, it’s a horror tinged journalism drama about personal integrity. The DVD comes with a commentary, deleted scenes and a trailer as the special features.

Deep Blues arrives from Film Movement to continue the 2021 Movie Hangover

Black Friday 2021 Movie Hangover Impressive Insanity [Review Guide] 10

Deep Blues arrived right before Thanksgiving. Naturally, this meant I was going to take way too long to dwell on it. I’m a big fan of the Robert Mugge music documentaries. We’ve reviewed a few of the ones that MVD released in the past. So, I was pleased to see Film Movement Classics hopping in on the doc goodness.

The bonus features range from a commentary with the directory to a behind the scenes look at the film. You get amazing performances from everyone including R.L. Burnside to enjoy.

Finally, the 2021 Movie Hangover ends with a monthly visit to Arrow Video

Black Friday 2021 Movie Hangover Impressive Insanity [Review Guide] 12

Cold War Creatures: Four Film from Sam Katzman presents The Giant Claw, and to American audiences. Most of us are seeing these movies for the first time. You get other cult classics in the mix like Creature with the Atomic Brain. But, these movies wouldn’t be part of the 2021 Movie Hangover if they were any cult classics.

These films were paired with bigger Sci-Fi titles that Columbia released around the late 50s. They’re all paranoia pictures stemming from the Atomic Age. Giant birds, werewolfs and other calamities kept attacking the populace left and right. You get commentaries, featurettes and all sorts of goodies in the four movie package.

Blind Beast feels like it has been reviewed on the site before, but I felt like watching it again as part of the 2021 Movie Hangover. It’s the kind of foreign film that feels like the Nikkatsu movies that I get asked to review a ton. A blind sculptor and his mother kidnap a young model. This usually leads to sexiness, but Blind Beast takes us down a different path.

You get the same special features as you see on the more arthouse releases from Arrow. However, you also get fresh A/V Quality for this film makes its debut on Blu-ray in North America.


Deep Red 4K is another stunning Argento release from Arrow. The Classic Horror titles have been getting the love I normally see Blue Underground give their 4K titles. The special features are substantial and take you through a deeper dive of the movie, but what matters most is getting to see classic Argento in a way that rings closer to the original presentation. The Limited Edition set might be gone by now, but I still recommend picking it up.


The Hills Have Eyes 4K continues the Arrow 4K gravy train. The more I watched the film, I felt that there was some issues with the print. However, I realized that the source print is probably in really rough shape. Oh well, it’s not like this movie ever looked that great. But, that’s why I’m doing the 2021 Movie Hangover. Rediscovering old favorites and all that.

The special features are rather in depth with commentaries, alternate takes, better mixes and all sorts of promo material. It’s another one of those rich Limited Edition 4K releases from Arrow.

Sailor Suit and Machine Gun is a popular satire of Yakuza movies that spawned two TV shows in Japan. Originally released by Toei in the early 1980s, the film holds up quite well. The 2021 Movie Hangover has shown me a ton of new stuff that I want to expand upon further. You get a really killer documentary and both versions of the film from 1981 and 1982.

The Snake Girl and The Silver Haired Witch will be the last film in the 2021 movie hangover. Not for any particular reason, but more because this is where I passed out. I’m starting to get into these Shojo Horror Manga adaptations and Arrow didn’t disappoint. What helps are that the special features range from commentary to interviews.

Cold War Creatures: Four Films from Sam Katzman, Deep Red 4K, The Hills Have Eyes 4K, The Snake Girl and The Silver Haired Witch, Blind Beast, Sailor Suit and Machine Gun are now available from Arrow Video

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