“Black Eagle” is pretty typical for late 80s B-movies. An American agent is sent to recover materials from a downed experimental jet. Unfortunately, the KGB has decided to send their best agent to recover the material. Sho Kosugi and Jean Claude Van-Damme have done better films. Kosugi only gets one major fight scene. If that wasn’t enough, JCVD seems to be performing an older version of his No Retreat, No Surrender character.

If you take the film at face value, it’s an old Norris director making a spy Kung-Fu war. However, watching the movie reveals something else. It’s nothing more than a rather cheap action movie trying to catch Kosugi at the end of his big boom and JCVD at the start of his time. There are enough B-Movie action fans following the site that I expect to catch grief for this. Still, I don’t get the appeal of this movie. Hell, I still don’t get the appeal of JCVD.

Help me out, people.  Only you can sell me on this stuff.


  • New Interviews
  • Featurettes
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Both cuts of the film
  • Collectible Poster
  • Trailers


  • 1.78:1 1080p transfer
  • Dolby 5.1


  • 93%
    Video - 93%
  • 88%
    Audio - 88%
  • 95%
    Special Features - 95%
  • 80%
    Film Score - 80%

The Plot Thus Far

After an F-11 gets shot down over the Mediterranean Sea, The United States government cannot afford to lose the top-secret laser tracking device that was on board. But unfortunately, the KGB team, lead by the infamous Andrei (Jean-Claude Van Damme, The Expendables 2, Universal Soldier), are beating the CIA in the race to find it. The CIA has no choice but to call in their best man, master martial-artist Ken Tani (Sho Kosugi, Ninja Assassin, Revenge of the Ninja), code name… BLACK EAGLE. In response, the KGB resorts to an all-out war, with powerful Andrei matching Ken blow for blow.

From legendary action director Eric Karson (The Octagon), Black Eagle also stars Doran Clark (The Warriors), Bruce French (Jurassic Park III) and William Bassett (House of 1000 Corpses).

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