Biosphere has a new trailer from IFC Films

Biosphere movie still
Sterling K. Brown as “Ray” and Mark Duplass as “Billy” in Mel Eslyn’s BIOSPHERE. Courtesy of IFC Films. An IFC Films release

IFC Films has a new trailer for Biosphere! Everyone loves some new Mark Duplass cinematic action!

Billy and Ray, the last two men on earth, have survived thanks to Ray’s scientific brilliance. Ray designed a domed structure that serves as their custom biosphere, equipped with everything necessary for survival. The hydroponic garden provides fresh vegetables, and a carefully managed fishpond supplies protein. Unfortunately, the fish have started dying, and with only three left, the future looks grim. However, life always finds a way.

Biosphere has a new trailer from IFC Films 18

This Sci-Fi Comedy film, directed and written by Mel Eslyn and Mark Duplass respectively, features Sterling K. Brown and Mark Duplass as the lifelong best friends. The movie has a runtime of 106 minutes and is in English.

Watch the new trailer for Biosphere from IFC Films!

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