Tess Thorne, a famous writer, faces a long drive home following a book signing. While driving on a lonely New England road, her tire blows out, leaving her stranded. Relieved when another driver stops and offers assistance, Tess quickly discovers her savior is actually a serial killer who repeatedly assaults her. She is determined to find her rapist and seek revenge, as payback is the only thing holding her together.


“Big Driver” is the latest Stephen King short story adaptation about a writer that gets into trouble. The lead writer substitute in this flick gets raped following a book signing and she’s planning a rampage of revenge. The film pays homage to far greater Grindhouse rape revenge tales of the 1970s. But, this was a quickie adaptation for Lifetime. So, you can guess that thinks were toned down for a wider audience.

Stephen King adaptations are starting to dry up. So, I guess that I should appreciate that studios are now looking at retreading his major classics. That being said, the guy has turned into this industry of forced creative content that has ruined Patterson and Grisham. The difference being that Grisham and his ilk don’t have things like The Dark Tower, Carrie or The Stand to fall back on. However, how far can street cred carry you when everything that you do is a collected shit upon the fans that grant you that favor? I’m not saying that the film is bad, but the tepid TV adaptations of King’s work are now entering their second decade. Enough is enough, people.

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality works for standard definition. You shouldn’t expect it to blow your hair back. But, the dialogue gets through and that’s what matters. In the end, it’s a rental.

RELEASE DATE: 01/27/2015

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