Between Worlds review: It Can’t All Be Mandy

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Between Worlds almost feels like a joke. But, I realize that Nicolas Cage has smashed through that last wall separating dignity from true art and has become a hero to us all. This film deals with a grieving man who meets a woman that can speak to the dead. She can only do this when choked to the point of near death. Also, her comatose daughter might have Cage’s wife’s soul in it. Maybe it was daughter, I couldn’t keep up.

Nicolas Cage is starring in a movie about choking a woman to near fatal climax, so she can talk to the dead. Normally, I bad mouth these off-putting lower tier Liongate films. Yet I can’t hate a movie about Cage choking a willing women between worlds. Did I forget to mention that Joe’s dead wife is a spirit of vengeance? Yeah, she’s turned all Zarathos and taken over choke psychic’s dead kid’s lovely bones.

I  can’t hate this movie if I tried, yet I never feel the need to rewatch it. Pick it up as a lark and dig on something greater than the sum of us all. We should all be so lucky to live Cage’s best life.

Between Worlds is now available!

Between Worlds


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