Best of 2019

The Best Films of 2019 and the five movies that almost made the AndersonVision list.

little monsters poster Best of 2019

Best of 2019 List: #21-17

#21 Ash is Purest White The Best of 2019 revealed some things to me. Sometimes, your original thoughts hold up. Read our review here. #20 Little Monsters Little Monsters is reason enough to brave Hulu...

Dolemite is my Name Netflix poster

Dolemite Is My Name review Best of 2019 #22

Dolemite Is My Name was practically the Blaxploitation Ed Wood. By that, I mean it had the same writers, story structure and lifted key builds wholesale. Yet, it’s fun to watch due to Eddie Murp...

Diane best of 2019 AndersonVision art by Matt Garretson

Diane review: Best of 2019 #23

Diane is a film that has been percolating in my brain for a bit. Originally, we were going to live with this during Awards season. Unfortunately, most of the Awards outlets chose to ignore the movie. ...

Satanic Panic Matt Garretson carton

Satanic Panic (Top 25 of 2019)

#24 Satanic Panic Satanic Panic is a film that the Film Twitter horde recommended to me. Normally, it’s the kind of movie that falls into the cracks of my viewing patterns. After watching it a h...

the nightingale feat 9.1 Amazing

The Nightingale

Best Film of 2019: #25 The Nightingale The Nightingale is a film that hits all of my soft spots. Historical fiction, angry revenge film and outdoor mission movie all wrapped into one. Yet, what we got...

always be my maybe almost best of 2019

AndersonVision’s Almost Best of 2019 List

Every year, AndersonVision sits down and selects the best films of 2019. Last year, we farmed out the selections to our full team and that made for a visually pleasing but hard to read format. This ye...

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