Best of 2019 List: #21-17

little monsters poster Best of 2019

#21 Ash is Purest White

The Best of 2019 revealed some things to me. Sometimes, your original thoughts hold up. Read our review here.

little monsters poster Best of 2019

#20 Little Monsters

Little Monsters is reason enough to brave Hulu’s terrible user interface to find new movie releases. The guy who shot it is supposed to be helming the new Robocop. Plus, it got directed by old AICN stalwart Keith Calder. But, that’s now who makes the movie.

Lupita Nyong’o slays in every single moment she’s onscreen. From the Hanson fan love to the Taylor Swift and leading the adorable kids and more. She’s the reason this is one of the Best of 2019.

#19 Ready or Not

Ready or Not is the second film to make me adore Samara Weaving. Weaving is the Scream Queen of a new age. An age where smaller movies feel epic and my love of badass blondes only continues to grow. Also, I love any horror movie that plays super short and keeps the focus throughout. Padding horror movies is waste.

#18 The Farewell

The Farewell surprised me. Hell, it made me start loving Awkwafina. What director Lulu Wang does in a short amount of time is why I love A24. They’re doing the kind of work that Miramax accomplished in the 1990s without the creepy Weinsteins lusting after actresses. While it made my Best of 2019, I don’t see it listed among many of my fellow genre writers. Break out of the mold, people.

the peanut butter falcon feat

#17 The Peanut Butter Falcon

The Peanut Butter Falcon was Part 1 of the Shia LeBeouf Renaissance. Yes, there are two Shia LeBeouf movies in my Best of 2019 list. Coming from a time when I was bemoaning the Transformers movies, I thought that would never happen. Check out our old review here.

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