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The Best of June 2019 [Home Video review]

Heroes Shed No Tears

John Woo began his career killing it. Heroes Shed No Tears is a nearly forgotten film in the West. Arriving before A Better Tomorrow broke down the doors for film fans, Heroes Shed No Tears gets a stunning restoration from Film Movement. This film is a subtle bit of Chinese government propaganda about the War on Drugs. Eddy Ko leads a commando squad against the Golden Triangle. Their quest takes them to the drug lords of Vietnam.

The bonus features are an interview and new essay. I’m not sure how you can call a new essay a special features, but here we are. The 2K Digital Restoration is the real selling point of the film. Having only seen the film before on a VCD, this is quite the restoration. For the Asian film community, I apologize. I already know that my views are pedantic.

dark side of the moon june

The Dark Side of The Moon

Unearthed Film makes movies I like to watch. The Dark Side of the Moon is a space possession movie. It’s super rare to get a quality space-set horror film. I don’t mean like Alien, I’m talking closer to an Event Horizon. The film runs the gamut between big interconnected concepts and haunted house movie in space.

Honestly, it’s pretty cool. The A/V Quality is sharp for an indie feature. Check out the special features for this June Blu-ray release.

  • Interview with Allen Blumenfield
  • Interview with FX Artist Chris Biggs
  • Commentary with producer Paul White and Stephen Biro
  • Interview with Stuntman Chuck Borden
  • Production and dialogue notes


Transit is another depressing movie about World War II. The guy that directed Phoenix shoots this movie about a refugee stealing a dead writer’s identity. The quest is to flee Europe for North America. However, he didn’t expect to fall in love along the way. Given the nature of WWII and German efficiency, you can guess how this movie ends. The special features are quite loaded. The best part was the in-depth booklet included with the DVD.

All of these June films are now available!

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