“Beside Still Waters” would be an easy film to compare to “The Big Chill”. That would be a misstep as “The Big Chill” is a false flag for a self indulgent generation that’s still trying to identify themselves as superior in their old age. This film shows you what becomes of friends after the glory days fade. They age, they mature and they become individuals. Forcing an individual back into a sense of community is a hard venture and one that doesn’t happen easily.

Ryan Eggold does amazing work in the lead, as he offers up something that goes past fantasy weekend wish fulfillment. It’s a sobering chance to set what happens when youth ends. For a film that I wasn’t expecting to WOW me when it crossed my desk, I’m a little speechless. Amazing effort to all talent involved including director Chris Lowell.

The DVD comes with deleted scenes, alternate ending, featurette and commentary as the special features. The A/V Quality is typical for standard definition. The transfer is supportive and the Dolby 5.1 track isn’t too aggressive. If you’re old, watch it loud. Other than that, it’s worth a rental or stream.

Release Date: 04/14/15

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