Benji's Very Own Christmas Story 5

Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story is barely remembered as the Holiday TV favorite of 1978. Hell, I didn’t realize it was an Emmy nominee until having to research the review. Ron Moody from Oliver! plays Kris Kringle in this outing. Benji is back in Europe because his owners have been invited to be the Grand Marshals of a Swiss Holiday parade. These things happen in Benji movies, I just tend to go with it.

While it was a short Holiday special, Mill Creek restores it with the good old fashioned Camp touch. The release is packaged with featurettes, trailers, image gallery and a Brand New transfer. If you’re looking for something lengthy, this won’t do it for you. Hell, I was shocked to see it hit 90 minutes long. I remember it being only a half-hour, but I guess that’s all I got to see as a kid. Oh well, it’ll entertain the under-8 crowd during the Holidays.Benji



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