Benji Movie Collection: Three Chances to Watch Dog Defy Death


Mill Creek continues to mine the greatest dog movies currently available in HD. While I have reviewed most, what I want to do today is talk about Benji: Off The Leash. This is a far more recent adventure starring one of his bastard grandkids. 2004 was a heady time. Swiftboat veterans were making commercials, Spider-Man 2 was doing its thing and humanity decided we needed a slight reboot.

The original director returns to make a film about hunting for new dogs to star in a movie based on what has come before. The mythos takes an Ocean’s Twelve style punch to the face. Are we to believe that this is the beginning of a titular Dog Earth-2? Also, what is up with calling it Mississippi when most of the film is obviously shot in Utah? It’s a crazy mess, but one that kept my kid entertained. That’s pretty impressive, as she doesn’t get along with our real dog.

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The Benji Movie Collection is available now!


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