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“Being Evel” is another stellar Dickhouse documentary. I love it when the Jackass guys tackle these big pioneers in the world of crazed sports and general oddities. While nothing will ever top their coverage of The Whites, there’s something endearing to the fan worship on display here. Evel Knievel is becoming one of those guys that has slipped out of the pop culture. I guess that’s just the nature of crazy stunts and media saturation.

While most idiots think they can do anything they want, Knievel brought a degree of athleticism to his events. It took work to take the Rocket Car up high or jump all of those buses. Most of what is presented here is talking heads carrying on about meeting the guy or his historical impact. That’s fairly typical given the fact that History Films helped to get this movie made. It’s just that I wanted more and I figured the Dickhouse guys could’ve got that done. I wanted stunt recreations with Robbie Knievel helping out. Oh well, until next time!

Quick question to documentary nerds. Did anyone expect to see someone like Daniel Junge tackling this kind of documentary? Way to break out of the box, dude.


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