The Beetleborgs began their second season as “Metallix” due to Japanese shows only having so much stock footage for American productions. So, a new show being used for the fight scenes meant some changes to the framing narrative. This show also made me feel like I drank from the wrong Grail. During the six hour running time, I could feel myself aging and aging and aging. What can I say? I was too old for the show when it aired.

Flabber and Art Fortunes are back to help out the gang. I say those names like I could spot them blindly on a pop quiz. Most of the episodes are the same, but the action changes up to get the kids happy. I still find Flabber the ghost to be a weird character. He looks like he should been part of a Krofft show from the 1970s. I like the weird aesthetic, but it doesn’t make any sense given the nature of the show.

The DVD comes with the final seventeen episodes of the series. It also sports no special features. The A/V Quality is typical for a show like this from the late 1990s. All the sound is upfront and the transfer is thin. But, fans will want to purchase it.

Release Date: OUT NOW!

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